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                                                  If the hideous monster Frankenstein came face to face

                              with the monster of marijuana he would drop dead of fright.

                                                 Said By Harry J. Anslinger

                                     J. Edgar Hoover,  Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: 

                                            "I am surprised to learn that certain police officers have been inclined to minimize the
                                          effects of the use of marihuana. These officers should review some of the cases that are
                                          reported to the Bureau.  They would, I am sure, be convinced that the drug is adhering to
                                          its old world traditions of murder, assault, rape, physical demoralization and mental  break 
                                         down. A study of the effects of marihuana shows clearly that it is a dangerous drug, and 
                                         Bureau records prove that its use is associated with insanity and crime. Therefore, from the
                                        standpoint of police work, It is 

                                                "A More Dangerous Drug Than Heroin or Cocaine!"  

                                                                   (As Quoted From The  western City Magazine  May 1938)

                     But Then Mr. J. Edgar Hoover Was Also So Fond Of "Wearing His Dresses At Night" Back Then!   LOL                            


                          Did you know that Harry J. Anslinger did not retire from the 
                   "Federal Narcotic Bureau" Pre-Curser To The Now DEA in 1962

                                 He Was Fired! 
  By President  John F. Kennedy. 

                                        For refusing to stop trying to censor the publications and blackmail and harassing 
                                       the publishers of Professor Alfred Lindsmith of Indiana University who wrote among
                                       other works, "
The Addict and the Law" (Washington Post, 1961). 

                                                    Credible sources report that President Kennedy routinely used marijuana to relieve
                                       his back pain and plans to have the drug legalized. These plans unfortunately were
                                       terminated by JFK's assassination.

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