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  Harry Anslinger's Personal Gore Files #1 of 2


   Newspaper Reports On The Reefer Madness Lies That He Used

        Harry Anslinger's  Reefer Madness  Personal Gore Files #2        





MURDER - Body stuffed in Trunk

Name --Joseph Ogden (Victim Oliver George Sinecal) Date: Aug 18, 1937 - Location: New York city
What the Narc's were claiming

In New York City, an addicted inmate of the Tombs confessed that he had murdered a friend and put his body in a trunk. FORUM AND CENTURY - Jan. 1939

A New Yorker Killed a neighbor and stuffed his body in a trunk. The EAGLE MAGAZINE - Nov 1941

In New York, Joseph Ogden murdered his best friend and stuffed his body into a trunk. The Weed of madness 1939*

1937 New York - Male 39 While both smoking marihuana cigarettes, shot and killed room-mate G. Senical, who wanted to borrow $20 to buy heroin. Put body in trunk, to get rid of it. Arrested that night, had 20 marihuana cigarettes; had been selling in Miami restaurant before crime. Previous criminal record, " I was fearless after smoking marihuana cigarettes but would not have done this without marihuana." U.N. Publication*

"There is one other point which I would like to mention and that is the case of a man named Joseph Ogden who is reported among others in Mr. Merrill's paper as having been an addict. I saw him and spent some time with him. He was a psychopathic individual. I think he had been in the State hospital at Lexington, and had had several other arrests. But nothing in his history indicated Marihuana. In other words, the newspaper accounts must be discounted. The fact of the matter was that he had not even been a drug addict, but was a homosexualist. The offender was murdered by him and shoved into a trunk. I do not know whether he disarticulated his arms or not, but he sent the trunk to the express station, and they saw blood oozing out of it, and picked him up. He told the story rather frankly. It was a horrible crime. I think Marihuana was innocent of that. I am sure of that, because I have been able to check that very carefully" Dec. 1938-Marihuana Conference

NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS: --- No mention of Medical Marihuana is made

[S-- 1937 -08-18 pg. 2] "Man Tells How he Killed Room-Mate"
[S- 1937-08-18 pg. 2] "Solve Murder in nine Hours"
[S-1937-08-19 ] "Trunk Murder Mystery Solved In New York"
[S- 1937-08-19 pg. 13] "Held in Trunk Slaying"
[S-1937-08-18 pg. 1] "Number on Trunk Trumps up Killer"


Name - Miss. Frances Woods / Mrs. Maureen O'Shannon (Victim) Location: Los Angeles -- Date: April 6, 1938

What the Narc's were claiming
1938 - F 28 Prostitute stabbed Mrs. M. O'Shannon for not cooperating Lesbian activities. U.N. Publication*

Los Angeles Times:--April 7, 1938 Pg. 2B
Waitress Near Death and Woman Held; Row Over marijuana

Near death in General Hospital from knife wounds suffered in a fight with another woman early yesterday, Mrs. Maureen O'Shannon, 33-year-old waitress, assuredly identified Miss Frances Woods, 25-year-old nurse, as her assailant. She told police that the fight started during an argument over marijuana cigarettes. Miss Woods, recently arrived in Los Angeles from Bakersfield, denied that she had attacked Mrs. O'Shannon.

Will Talk In Court "I will do my talking in court," she told questioning officers. According to Radio Officers Compton and Montgomery, Miss Woods was found standing near the form of the wounded woman at 640 East Twenty-eighth street. She assuredly admitted cutting Mrs. O'Shannon and produced a blood-smeared pocket knife, the police said. Later she denied the asserted confession, refused to explain the knife, the reason for her being at the scene or any details concerning the fracas.

Car Parked Near by Miss Wood's expensive car was parked near the scene of the stabbing. She had $180 in her purse. Three knives were in her possession. Miss. O'Shannon, who lived at 2108 South Maple avenue, was given slight chance for recovery.

Newspaper Accounts:

[Apr 7, 1938. p. A2] Nurse Seized in Stabbing; Waitress Near Death and Woman Held; Row Over Marijuana
[Apr 16, 1938 p.6] Woman Dies Of Stabbing In Quarrel Over Marihuana Gore File
[Apr 19, 1938. p. A8] Nurse to Face Murder Charge; Woman Remanded to Jail Following Stabbing Inquest
[Apr 24, 1938. p. A2] "Slaying Charged"
[Apr 25, 1938. p. A10] "Nurse to Face Slaying charge"
[Jul 13, 1938. p. A2] "Nurse to Plead Self Defense"
[Jul 15, 1938. p. A1] (2 pgs)."Jury Discharged in Girl-Slaying Case"
[Jul 19, 1938. p. A1] Nurse Gets New Trial in Marihuana Slaying
[Aug 31, 1938. p. A8] Nurse to Face New Trial Today; Marihuana Slaying Case Slated for Second Hearing
[Sep 14, 1938 p.11] "Nurse Again Goes on Trial in Fatal Stabbing Case"
[Sep 15, 1938. p. A3] Dying Threat Told at Trial; Stabbing Victim's Wish to 'Get Even' With Nurse Recounted
[See Reefer Madness Newspaper Index pamphlet for more references]

Name (Victim) Frank Sjolander -- Date: Dec 1, 1954 - Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

What the Narc's were claiming

1955 Albuquerque, New Mexico - Male With companion J. I. created disturbance in rooming house; they shot and killed policeman F. Sjolander who killed him at same time. I. escaped but caught; tried, guilty.

1955 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - killed him at same time. I. escaped but caught; tried, guilty. Life imprisonment U.N. Publication*

- Reno, Nevada
[S-Dec 1, 1954 pg. 1] "Two Are Killed In Gun Battle"
INDIANA EVENING GAZETTE - Indiana, Pennsylvania
[S-Dec 1, 1954 pg. 16] "Albuquerque Cop slain, 2nd Serious"
[See Reefer Madness Newspaper Index pamphlet for more references]


Name - Donald S. Crosby, (age 16) / Mrs. Ida C. Mackeown (Victim) Date: Dec 16, 1952 -- Location: La Jolla Ca.

What the Narc's were claiming
La Jolla, California - Male 16 Paroled juvenile delinquent, under influence smoking marihuana, murdered Mrs. I. KacKeown, 67, grandmother, inflicting 35 knife wounds. She called him marihuana user and threatened to call police. U.N. Publication*


[**]- Dec. 16, 1952 pp 2 "Woman Artist Found Knifed to Death in La Jolla Home"
[**]- Dec 17, 1952 pp 2 "Blames Marijuana - Youth Tells How He Killed Artist"
[**]- Dec. 19, 1952 pp 26 "Murder Hearing Set in La Jolla Slaying"
REDLANDS DAILY FACTS - Redlands, California
[S-Dec 1, 1952 ] "16-Year-Old Youth Admits Killing San Diego Artist"
[S-Dec 17, 1952 ] "Youth Says He Was Doped When He Killed Artist"
[S-Mar 27, 1953 pg. 1] "Boy, 16, May Get Life For Stabbing"

Name:  Sandra Peterson--  Date: Aug. 26, 1949-  Location: Brady  Tx.

What the Narcs were claiming
Newspaper headlines tell the story every day.  The recent hitch-hike
robbery and murder of an innocent citizen involving a young 18-year-old
girl and her 15-year-old companion, who admitted she was under the
influence of marihuana, is but one grim example of the current tendency
toward drug addiction by young people. -- Congressional Record 1950

[ Aug. 26, 1949 pp2  ]  Tough, Pretty Divorcee Held for $50 Murder
[Jan 18, 1950 pp8 ] Girl, Witness in Texas Murder Trial, Says She Killed
Real Estate Man
[Aug. 28, 1949 pp.1] Faces in the News
[Aug. 31, 1949 pp7] Disowning by Parents No Surprise to Accused Girl
[Jan 4, 1950 pp 1] Girl Indicted For Murder
[Jan 17, 1950 pp.10] Sandra Peterson Grows Up; Trial for Murder Underway
[Jan 18, 1950 ] Death to be Asked For Sandra Peterson
[Jan 19, 1950 pp1] State Witness Changes Story, Says She Held Murder Gun
[Jan 21, 1950 pp1] Peterson Girl Found Guilty
[Jan 19, 1950 pp15] States Witness Insists She Killed Texas Motorist
[Aug. 29, 1949 ] picture story
[Jan 20, 1950 ] Doesnt Know Whether She Was Killer
[Aug 31, 1949] Murder Suspect Is Young Runaway
[Aug 26, 1949 pp3] Woman Murder Suspect Once Lived in Reno
THE NEWS (Frederick Md)
[Aug 31, 1949 pp 6] picture Held for Murder
[Jan. 22, 1950 pp2] Girl Is Sentenced to Life for Death of Texan
[Jan 18, 1950 pp1] 15-Year Old Girl Declares She Shot Texas man
[Jan 21, 1950 pp 3] Picture Admits Slaying
[Jan 21, 1950 pp 1] Girl Convicted of Murder Despite Her Companions Claim
[Jan 28, 1950 pp5 ] Girl Given Life in Texas Slaying

Name:  Marvin Pratt--  Date: June 20, 1952 -  Location: Tustin Ca..

California Death Records -
Last Name      PRATT        First Name  MARVIN    Middle  ROY
Birth Date     05/30/1921
Mother Maiden      LOPEZ        Father Last    PRATT
Sex          Male         Birth Place      NEW MEXICO
Death Place      ORANGE    Residence      ?
Death Date      06/20/1952     SSN        ?    Age  31 yrs

What the Narcs were claiming
On Feb. 14, 1952, Marvin Roy Pratt was arrested by Denver police after
having committed an armed robbery.  Pratt had been under investigation by
narcotic agents for dealing in and smoking marihuana.  Quantities of
marihuana were found by narcotic agents police in Pratt's automobile and
his clothing.  His automobile confiscated.  Pratt was committed to the
Denver County Jail and while being held there, he escaped.  On or about
December 15, 1952, Pratt robbed a bank in Tustin, Calif., and while
running from the bank with his loot, he was shot and killed by the bank
teller, the teller using a high-powered game rifle.  After first being
arrested in Denver Pratt had admitted to narcotic officers to being a
longtime marihuana smoker and having committed crimes while under the
influence of marihuana.--Traffic 1952*

[Feb 17, 1952 pp28] Denver Suspect Tells of Robbery in Beverly Hills
[June 22, 1952 pp2] Bandit Slaying Cleans Robbery
[July 27, 1952 pp  ] Man and Wife Arrested in bank robbery Case
Name:  Oscar Ralph Ashworth--  Date:  Sept. 1938-  Location: St. Joseph

What the Narcs were claiming
1938  St. Joseph, Missouri  -  M  37  Smoked 2 marihuana cigarettes, then
raped his 7-year old daughter. Death in Gas-- U.N. Publication

In a case at St. Joseph, Missouri, where a man was convicted of a
murderous rape attack upon a young girl, a newspaper made the statement
that he was a marihuana fiend and that he had committed his crime while
under the influence of the drug.  Federal sources reported that as far as
could be learned, the whole story originated in the mind of a cub reporter
who asked the sex-murderer after he had been sentenced:

"Why didn't you tell the court that you smoked marihuana cigarettes?"

[Nov. 20, 1940 pp1] Stark commutes Ashworths Death Sentence to Life
The Oshkosh Northwestern
[Sept. 2, 1938 pp7] Ashworth is Sentenced to Die in Gas Chamber
[Nov. 4, 1938 pp5] Life of Ashworth Prolonged for at Least Ten Months
[Nov. 6m 1938 pp12] Longer life for Ashworth
[Oct. 25, 1940 pp 3] Ashworth Granted Stay of Execution:
Stevens Point Daily Journal
[Aug. 30, 1938 pp1] Man Held at Bay Wanted for Assault
[Nov. 5, 1938 pp 10] Declare Condemned Convict Charged With Wrong Crime

Name: Frank Schoengarth --  Date:  Feb. 1953-  Location: Los Angeles

What the Narcs were claiming
    1953  Los Angeles, California  -  Male 18  Armed robbery M. Friedman, gun
not loaded as afraid might hurt somebody; previous record stole money to
buy heroin; had started smoking marihuana in Hollywood high school; 3
years reformatory; got worse.  .  U.N. Publication*

Los Angeles Times
[Feb 27, 1953 pp 17]  Father Asks Roll to Help Youth in dopes toils
[Jan 16, 1953 pp1] Father Turns in son, 18, as Bandit
[Jan 17, 1953 pp A6] Hearing Set for boy Turned Over to Police


Spokane , Washington

  ON AUGUST 4, 1940 , a hotel room in Spokane , Washington was turned into a shambles by a ruthless slayer.  An old harmless man was battered to death ----so battered that his body was almost unidentifiable.  The murderer, 26-year old Joseph Mines, after committing the crime, leaped to an alley about 30 feet below without injury.

It was revealed that a short time prior to the crime Mines had smoked two marijuana cigarettes.  He claimed at his trial that they had crazed him and that he had no memory of the deed.




[incident]- 1939  Modesta, California - Assaulted a housewife.  Sentenced, 50 years


[incident]-?  La Jolla , California   -  M  16  Paroled juvenile delinquent, under influence smoking marihuana, murdered Mrs. I. KacKeown, 67, grandmother, inflicting 35 knife wounds. She called him marihuana user and threatened to call police.



================  Gore Case, talked about numerous times ===========

[incident]- 1950  Fresno, California  -  M  26  Took 17-mo. old J. Yanez from auto, spanked her for crying, shoved her face into mud 200 feet from car, suffocated. Didn't know what happened until blood spots found on shoes and clothes next morning. Blamed marihuana and whisky. His counsel stated: " The real criminal in this case is marihuana "  -- Fresno Bee has an Index:





[incident]- 1953  Los Angeles, California  -  M  18  Armed robbery M. Friedman, gun not loaded as afraid might hurt somebody; previous record stole money to buy heroin; had started smoking marihuana in Hollywood high school; 3 years reformatory; got worse. 


[incident]-   1939  San Leandro , California   --  M  20  Arrested after raping 5 women while under influence.


[incident]- 1939  California   -  M  20  Raped 7-year old girl Life, San Quentin, no parole.


[incident]- Oct. 11, 1935 , State narcotic officers discovered one-half acre of cannabis (growing in a field near Azusa , Calif.   A number of the plants had already been harvested.  These weighed approximately 300 pounds.  There were still about 309 flowering cannabis plants under cultivation.  These, when uprooted, weighed approximately 150 pounds.  The owners of the field, Pedro Lugo, Jesus Roigos, Antonio Figuerga, Frank Vasquez, Roque Vasquez, and Mrs. Polita Vasquez, were arrested. together with Donald W. Ramsey, Edward Dobrilien, and Toby Whidden,


[incident]- Sept. 14, 1935 , police in Sacramento , Calif. , arrested Tony Alvarez and confiscated 175 cannabis cigarettes and a supply of the plant in bulk form sufficient to produce 5,000 additional cigarettes.


[incident]- In Eureka , California , a man under the influence of marijuana actually decapitated his best friend; and then, coming out of the effects of the drug, was as horriefied as anyone else over what he had done.  - pre Dec 1936.





DENVER NEWS: - Colorado

[incident ]- had been reporting marihuana horror stories since the late twenties. 



[incident ]-  (exact city region unknown, could be outside Colorado ):(before Sep. 4, 1936 ) describing an attack by a Mexican American allegedly under the influence of marihuana on a girl of his region.  -- Two weeks ago a sex-mad degenerate, named Lee Fernandez, brutally attacked a young Alamosa girl.  He was convicted of assault with intent to rape and sentenced to ten to fourteen in the state penitentiary.  Police officers here know definitely that Fernandez was under the influence of marihuana. 


[incident]- On Feb. 14, 1952 , Marvin Roy Pratt was arrested by Denver police after having committed an armed robbery.  Pratt had been under investigation by narcotic agents for dealing in and smoking marihuana.  Quantities of marihuana were found by narcotic agents police in Pratt's automobile and his clothing.  His automobile confiscated.  Pratt was committed to the Denver County Jail and while being held there, he escaped.  On or about December 15, 1952 , Pratt robbed a bank in Tustin , Calif. , and while running from the bank with his loot, he was shot and killed by the bank teller, the teller using a high-powered game rifle.  After first being arrested in Denver Pratt had admitted to narcotic officers to being a longtime marihuana smoker and having committed crimes while under the influence of marihuana.


Following a series of crimes in Huerfano County , Colo. , attributed to marihuana cigarette smokers, chief of which was an attack on the sheriff by a marihuana user which nearly resulted in the officer's death, local officers uprooted 75 pounds of marihuana from one plot. 


1937 DENVER , COLO.   -  Among the first cases tried under the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 were those against Samuel Richard Caldwell and Moses Baca, both of Denver , Colo.   Caldwell, an ex-convict, was arrested for selling and smoking marihuana.  He admitted possession and sale of the drug and stated that he had personally brought it from the State of Kansas , claiming to have harvested it from a patch growing wild outside of Kansas City .  Caldwell had a criminal record showing 11 previous arrests on various charges dating from 1921.  He was sentenced to serve 4 years in a Federal prison.  -   Moses Baca was arrested on a charge of assaulting his wife.  Although only 23 years old, he had a long criminal record involving 12 previous arrests dating from 1931.  He admitted being under the influence of marihuana at the time of the assault, and upon search of his residence one-fourth ounce of marihuana was found in a bureau drawer.  He was then charged with a violation of the Marihuana Tax Act and was sentenced to serve 18 months in a Federal prison.


[incident]- In Denver , Colo. , Juan Moya, alias Juan Valley , was arrested while under the influence of marihuana and fought the officers so savagely that it took four 200-pound men almost 10 minutes to subdue him.  At the time of arrest, the defendant attempted to eat the contents of a can of marihuana he was trying to dispose of.  He succeeded in eating about one-half of the can before the officers could take the balance away from him.  -   Moya was convicted and sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment and fined $500.   -    He has had numerous convictions for the use and sale of drugs, and is alleged to be a habitual user of marihuana.  He usually resists violently when arrested, and on one occasion escaped from arresting Federal officers under gunfire, after making three sales of drugs.  Moya has also been arrested several times for forgery.


Unknown newspaper.

Judge J. Foster Symes, Denver Colo. , sentenced Sam Caldwell four years in the penitentiary on Oct. 8, 1937 , for violation of the marihuana act.  This was the first conviction in the United States under the new federal marihuana legislation.  In sentencing Caldwell the judge said: “I consider marihuana the worst of all narcotics--far worse than the use of morphine or cocaine.  Under its influence men become beasts…Marihuana destroys life itself.  I have no sympathy with those who sell this weed.”




[incident]- A man was killed in Wilmington , Del. , by one Pettyjohn.  When the police attempted to arrest Pettyjolin for the crime lie attacked the police with a long knife.  To protect their lives, the police officers shot and killed Pettyjohn.  On the same date one Cleveland Hodge was arrested in Wilmington for possession of about 3 pounds of marihuana.  Hodge said he had gathered the plant from a plot of ground used by Rhodes, the man who was murdered as above described, and further stated that Rhodes had told him about the weed, which he called "weaver weed"; that if a tea was made from it, it would cure rheumatism.  Hodge said he used a cup of this tea three times a day and had done so for a long time; and both Rhodes and Pettyjohn were apparently under the influence of marihuana.  This case was prosecuted in Delaware under the Uniform State Narcotic Act.


[incident]- 1936  Wilmington , Delaware   -  M  Killed J. Rhodes while under influence marihuana.





1953  Camp Gordon , Georgia   -  M  23  Indecent exposure 6 occasions to girls 10 to 12 years old; each time under influence marihuana; trum-pet, musician; smoking marihuana over year.



== Florida ==


[incident]- MIAMI , FLA.   -  A seizure of marihuana of international significance was effected near Miami , Fla. , on October 9, 1937 .  An old oil drum containing 53 1/2 pounds of the drug was found on the beach where it bad been landed and buried in September by Capt. William Hood, British subject, resident of British Honduras, master of the Honduran schooner Alert, and Octavio Carrillo, a Mexican, both of whom were arrested.  The marihuana is alleged by the defendant to have come aboard the vessel at Baca La Chica, British Honduras , in two sacks which came from Xcalat , Mexico , and was removed from the vessel before it came through quarantine at Miami .



== Illinois ==


1938   Chicago    -  M  Broke nose J. N. by striking with gallon clay jug and pulled knife.  Police officer then destroyed growing crop nearby.  Was Arrested.


1937   Chicago --  M 24   Attacked woman.  Was Arrested.


1954  Chicago   --  M  27  Shot and killed G. Booris, 69, in lunchroom in Camden , N. J., during holdup for $21; then with       R. Joaquin, also under influence, F. Crus threatened to shoot him.


William Barnett of Chicago , ILL. , was arrested for the possession of marihuana.  At the time of Barnett's arrest he was in possession of a letter from Pete Gurralo, alias Joseph Fierro, of Mankato , Minn. , offering to furnish marihuana in any quantity from 1 pound up.  On September 22, 1936 , Balli, alias Tom Gurrola, killed a man at Albert Lea , Minn.   Following the murder he escaped from prison and fled to the farm of his father.  He was identical with the man who offered to supply marihuana to Barnett.  When the officer went to the farm to apprehend him, he found 6 or 7 bushels of marihuana contained in a sack and two cardboard boxes, and concealed under a haystack.






== KANSAS ==



[ ]- (dispatch concerning the discovery by Wichita Police of the prevalence of Marihuana parties held by young boys and girls at roadhouses near this city) - August 24, 1929


1933  Wichita , Kansas   -  M  Killed in fight over marihuana.



== Kentucky ==



== Massachusetts ==


[incident]- 1940   Boston  -  M  Assaulted woman; held up auto co.; beat woman stole $3 and jewelry; beat Miss C. stole $75; negro shot Sgt. Cullinen, fled thru back alley; trapped by Sgt. Cannon, so shot self in head, blinded.  This started concerted drive Boston vs. marihuana; several major violators arrested.


[Incident] --  BOSTON , MASS.   January 1949.  After staging a series of beatings, robberies and shootings, Robert H. Faulk, Jr., shot and seriously injured a police officer who was trying to arrest him, and then shot himself through the head, causing total blindness.  Wide publicity given to this case attributed the crimes to marihuana, and the judge commented about the influence of marihuana on Faulk.




1935 - Baltimore , MD.

[incident] M  30  Assaulted 10-year old girl; admitted being under influence marihuana, so " crazy "; convicted in court trial.  - A young man in Baltimore , Md. , was sentenced to be hanged for criminal assault on a 10-year-old girl.  In his plea of not guilty he testified that he was temporarily insane from smoking marihuana cigarettes.  Augusto Perez, age 22  --  [incident] A young man in Baltimore , Md. , was sentenced to be hanged for criminal assault of a 10 year old girl.  around sent to Maryland Penitentiary Nov. 22, 1935 .  Hanged June 12, 1936 .


[incident]-  October 1936, the chief engineer of a vessel arriving at Baltimore complained to the Federal narcotic office that the crew of his  vessel were using some unknown narcotic that was so virulent in its effects on the men that the officers were obliged to protect themselves by carrying blackjacks to ward off attacks.  The narcotic agent made an extensive investigation and ascertained that a fireman, aged 22, was a marihuana user, and that two of the seamen on the ship had purchased a bag of dried marihuana while ashore in the Canal Zone and smuggled it aboard the ship where it was consumed by members of the crew.  Officers of the steamer said these men were “under the influence of this narcotic throughout the trip to Baltimore and that their conduct bordered on the mutinous."


[incident]- Baltimore.-On October 2, 1936, Baltimore City police raided two locations at which several hundred pounds of green and dried marihuana were stored and arrested Joseph Martinez and Ruben Sanchez.  Further investigation by local and Federal officers led to discovery of a farm located near the city where large quantities ,of growing plants were found to have been cultivated between rows ,of corn, under circumstances leading to a belief that a carefully planned cultivation of the weed had been carried on for 2 or 3 years previous.  The harvesting of the crop had been proceeding for several days prior to discovery, trucks carting the leaves -and tops into Baltimore , where the drying, grinding, and packaging processes were carried out.  The defendants were convicted and sentenced to jail terms and large quantities of the growing plants and dried bulk marihuana were confiscated and destroyed.


[incident]- 1936  Baltimore : engineer of a vessel arriving at Baltimore complained to the Federal narcotic office that the crew of his  vessel were using some unknown narcotic that was so virulent in its effects on the men that the officers were obliged to protect themselves by carrying blackjacks to ward off attacks.  The narcotic agent made an extensive investigation and ascertained that a fireman, aged 22, was a marihuana user, and that two of the seamen on the ship had purchased a bag of dried marihuana while ashore in the Canal Zone and smuggled it aboard the ship where it was consumed by members of the crew.  Officers of the steamer said these men were “under the influence of this narcotic throughout the trip to Baltimore and that their conduct bordered on the mutinous."


[incident]- Oct 1936 chief engineer of a vessel arriving at Baltimore complained to the Federal narcotic officer that the crew of his vessel were using some unknown narcotic.  Officers were obliged to protect themselves by carrying black jacks. 


[incident]- BALTIMORE , MD.   On October 31, 1938 , customs officers at Baltimore , Md. , seized 1 kg. 899 gm., net, of marihuana from Augustine Rios and Joe Rodrigues, seamen on the Brazilian steamship Parnahyba coming from Santos .  Subsequently, sentences of 2 years were imposed on each of the defendants.


[incident]- Customs officers at Baltimore , Md. , on August 20, 1939 , purchase through a Puerto Rican I kg. 899 gm.  Of marihuana which they obtained on the Brazilian steamship Ayuruoca.  On November 20, 1939 Concalo R. Nascimento, the man who delivered the marihuana, was sentenced to serve 1 year and I day in a Federal penitentiary.


[incident]- Customs officers at Baltimore , Md. , on July 15, 1939 , seized kg. 41 gm., net, of marihuana which they found concealed on the steamship Pocone, coming from Santos , Brazil .  Ownership of the marihuana was not ascertained.




[incident]-  Blue Mountain.--During April 1936, on a farm 3 miles east of Blue Mountain , Miss. , evidently used as a supply base for the marihuana traffic in a number of neighboring States in addition to Mississippi , Federal narcotic agents and State officers destroyed one of the biggest sources of supply in the South.  Herman S. Jernigan, owner of the farm, was raising marihuana on a large scale and giving it the same careful attention that a wholesale farmer would give to the raising of cotton for market delivery.  The raiding party confiscated 3,000 pounds of the -rowing marihuana, 300 pounds of seed, and I,000 pounds of dried marihuana, the latter being contained in 10 large corrugated boxes which were concealed under hay in a barn.  The area under cultivation was about 5 acres.  New Orleans appeared to be the chief and most profitable market.  Eleven persons arrested there for unlawful marihuana purchases acknowledged that their supplies had originated at- this farm.  It was reported that school children were sold marihuana cigarettes from the same source.  This was the first large seizure after enactment of the Mississippi uniform narcotic drug law on March 16, 1936 .  Jernigan was arrested and charged under this law and later released under a $1,500 bond.  His queer actions were partly responsible for the raid on his farm.  He said lie had become addicted to marihuana 8 years ago.  A brother about 14 years of age is also an addict




[ ]- Jan. 27, 1929 pg. 3 col.2. - Article about - “There was fun in the House Health Committee during the week when the Marihuana bill …. Marihuana is Mexican opium, a plant used by Mexicans and cultivated for sale by Indians.  Note date maybe wrong. - reefer madness the book





[incident]- New Jersey   - pre Jan 1937  -  In New Jersey a particularly brutal murder occurred, in which case one young man killed another, literally smashing his face and head to a pulp.  One of the defenses was that the defendant's intellect was so prostrated from his smoking marihuana cigarettes that he did not know what he was doing.  The defendant was found guilty and sentenced to a long term of years.  The, prosecutor was convinced that marihuana had been indulged in; that the smoking had occurred; and that the brutality of the murder was accounted for by the narcotic, though the defendant's intellect had not been totally prostrate.  --  Murder victim = Tomas Crook.  see picture


[incident]-  Atlantic City.--Federal, State, and city detectives had received reports that marihuana cigarettes in varying quantities were being peddled in this vicinity.  On Sep. 5, 1936 , they watched an informer make contact with Floyd Peters, Atlantic City , and purchase two marihuana cigarettes which the informer turned over to .them.  The officers then raided the premises and found Harry Smith, Joseph Morgano, Elizabeth Bailey, and Clarence Henry smoking a Turkish water pipe, the bowl of which was filled with marihuana, John Harper had two marihuana cigarettes on his person and Floyd Peters attempted to conceal a match box containing marihuana cigarettes.  The officers continued their search of the premises and found a trunk in which was a bag containing bulk marihuana.  There was also discovered a glass tube containing pantopon.  One of the officers reported that he had received reports of opium smoking at this address and was pressing his search for Opium when the marihuana and pantopon were found.  The defendants were immediately given a hearing in the State court.  Elizabeth Bailey, Clarence Henry, Joseph Morgano, and Harry Smith were held on $500 bond.  Peters was held without bond and later was sentence to State prison from 4 to 7 years on one count.  Peters stated late that he had been addicted to the use of marihuana for more than a year and that he had purchased 2 pounds of the dried marihuana for $35 from a resident of New York City .


[incident]-  Jersey City.-Oct. 14, 1936, pursuant to information received by the police department of Jersey City , N. J., narcotic agents discovered a patch of growing marihuana in Newark extending from a few feet to a city block in width and running a distance of about 1 mile.  This patch contained about 65 tons of the marihuana plant, all of which were destroyed.



== New Mexico ==

[incident]- Santa Fe , N. Mex., an investigator for the New Mexico State police seized 15 pounds of dried marihuana on Feb 10, 1936 .  addicted shots, etc.  


[incident]- 1955  Albuquerque , New Mexico   -  M  With companion J. I. created disturbance in rooming house; they shot and killed policeman F. Sjo lander who killed him at same time. I. escaped but caught; tried, guilty.


[incident]- The, district attorney of Santa Fe, N. Mex., and an investigator for the New Mexico State police seized 1.5 pounds of dried marihuana on February 10, 1936.  On February 9 a murder was committed by two men addicted to the use of marihuana.  One of these assaulted the arresting officers with a gain at the time of arrest.  From this source of supply represented by the foregoing seizure it was believed that the perpetrators of these crimes secured the illicit marihuana.  Seven arrests resulted from the murder and marihuana cases, and five convictions were obtained, the other two being released on bail of $1,500 each.




1939  So. Milwaukee , Wisconsin   -  M  Drank brandy and smoked 2 marihuana cigarettes; arrested for reckless driving, speeding, injuring 4 persons before driving into a ditch. Mind blank at time of arrest.





1938  Winona , Minn.   -  M  Smoked marihuana for years; held up 3 taxi-cabs.  Sentenced, 10 years



== Pennsylvania ==


[incident]- Malvern and Howelville, Pa  -  On July 1 and 16, 1935, respectively, State enforcement officers visited certain farms situated near Malvern and Howelville, Pa., and discovered 2 1/2 acres of cannabis under cultivation concealed by fields of growing corn.  The fields were destroyed.  Although it was not possible to estimate correctly the amount of cannabis which might have been harvested if the plants had been allowed to mature, the opinion was expressed that the fields would have yielded approximately 27 pounds of the drug.  The defendants, Luis Manon and Michael Ruiz, were held for prosecution.


[incident]- COATESVILLEI , PA. --  1937  Acting on information that Joe Gracia was selling marihuana in Coatesville, Pa., narcotic officers assisted by local officers made purchases from him totalling approximately 2 pounds, then arrested Gracia and seized from the basement of his home one large trunk containing 487 ounces of marihuana and one small wooden drum containing 328 ounces of marihuana.


[incident]- 1936  Philadelphia , Pennsylvania   -  M  Arrested for driving auto in reckless fashion; also possession marihuana.


[incident]- 1936  Pittsburgh   -  Robbery and possession marihuana. 


[incident]- PHILADELPHIA , PA.   -  On Oct. 22 and 23, 1937, two plots of marihuana were found in the heart of the city of Philadelphia .  The marihuana---about 3,000 plants on one plot and 3,500 plants on the other---was cut and burned by Federal and State officers.





[incident]- A seizure of 115 marihuana cigarettes was made in New Orleans , La. , at which time the owner, foiled by officers in an attempt to shoot himself, grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed himself three times above the heart.  He escaped, and was later found, and had in his possession an ice pick, with which he attempted to destroy himself when placed under arrest.  He made a second escape.


 [incident]- New Orleans.-During Feb. 1936 Federal narcotic agent and local police officers raided the premises of Ampton Stanno an found their entrance to a rear downstairs door obstructed by strongly reinforced door, in the center of which was a small slot through which purchasers of marihuana cigarettes would insert the money and in turn receive cigarettes.  When the officers gained admission through the barred door they found 400 marihuana cigarette contained in a tin box lying on a table, and near to the cigarette box small case containing a sum of money and marihuana ready for cigarette wrapping.  Ampton Stanno and Jane Williams, who were found in this house, were placed under arrest.  Robert Williams, alias Jimmie Smith, was sought as another member of this illicit marihuana ring but could not be found.  A warrant was issued for his arrest.  In a house to the rear of Stanno's, the police officers found a large pasteboard box enclosing one bundle which contained about 3 pounds of marihuana, 25 pounds of marihuana seed and dried marihuana leaves.


[incident]- 1935   New Orleans , La.   -  M  Violently attacked officers with knife and revolver while being arrested for possession of marihuana.


[incident]- Sept. 27, 1935, police at New Orleans, La., raided a cannabis cigarette "factory" in that city and arrested Anthony Fazzio, Alice Fazzio, and Henry Denapolis.  Only a small quantity of loose cannabis was discovered, but one person, subsequently ascertained to be one Mary Rodriguez, escaped with a package, which one of the defendants stated contained 4,000 marihuana cigarettes.  On November 24, 1935 , the same police raided the premises occupied by Robert Williams and William Cayce, Jr., and seized 10 tin bread boxes containing 10,000 cannabis cigarettes.  The defendants were held for prosecution.


[incident]- LOUISIANA  - William L. Rousseau was arrested by local officers under the provisions of the Louisiana State narcotic act on August 22, 1936 , for growing and possessing marihuana.  Reports had been received that marihuana cigarettes were being sold at Rousseau's home.  While officers waited outside in automobiles, they observed several addicts approach Rousseau's door to purchase marihuana cigarettes.  Police found in the kitchen two 1-pound coffee cans full of marihuana cigarettes and two packages of the narcotic in drying form.  In the yard among four branching trees and growing vegetables were 100 growing marihuana plants about 12 feet tall.  The police destroyed the plants.  William L. Rousseau, father of William A. Rousseau, said that the marihuana had been planted by his son for the purpose of obtaining seed to feed a pet redbird belonging to the younger Rousseau.


[incident]- Bourg and Houma.-On April 24, 1936, 2,500 marihuana plants growing on an area of about 3 acres, 12 pounds in bulk marihuana, and 67 marihuana cigarettes were seized and confiscated on a farm near Bourg, La., and five persons were arrested on charges of violation of the marihuana law.  Ralph Savoise, Mrs. Ralph Savoise, Felix Blanchard, "Cookie" Lanaud, and David North were growing and selling marihuana cigarettes to oil-field workers and to school children.  Complaints were made by parents of some of the children to Federal narcotic and local officers.  Extensive investigations were made until all participants in this illicit traffic at Houma and Bourg were arrested.  A prosecution was instituted in the parish district court.  Conviction, which is expected, would carry a mandatory penalty of from 20 months to 5 years each.


[incident]- LOUISIANA    La Fitte.-- May 23, 1936 , one Machesto Pazini was arrested for possession of a large quantity of cannabis cigarettes and for owning 3,000 cannabis plants.  Pazini had been permitting his children to smoke these cigarettes, and their consequent delusions of grandeur led to the discovery of the cannabis cache.


[incident]- LOUISIANA    English Turn, Plaquemines Parish.---Officers of the Louisiana State police seized and destroyed large quantities of harvested and dried marihuana on two adjoining farms at English Turn, Plaquemines Parish, on September 19, 1936 .  At the first farm they raided they found about 5,000 stalks lying in a field and stored in a barn, and also 300 pounds of dried marihuana ready for smoking.  Later, while continuing their investigations of the farm, the officers discovered 800 pounds of marihuana stalks which had been harvested from an adjacent tract of land about 7 acres in area.  Felix Caserta, about 30 years old, was the owner and occupant of the second farm, which consisted of about 40 acres.  Caserta resided on the farm with his wife and children.  He admitted that he knew that the plants were marihuana and that he had cut them down the day previous to the officers raid on his place.  He was arrested on charges of violation of the State uniform narcotic law.  Later Luke Cutrera, farmer, and Dominic Richarda, who lived on and operated adjacent farms, were arrested for possession of illicit marihuana.  Cutrera was reported to have been hired by marihuana peddlers to drive quantities of the narcotic into New Orleans .  Stalks, seeds, and dried marihuana were found in a truck on Cutrera's farm.  Officers destroyed all of the plants in the area in which the marihuana crop had been harvested. 


[incident]- NEW ORIEANS , LA.   Investigations conducted in New Orleans during the months of April to July 1938, resulted in a series of purchases of marihuana cigarettes from 13 members of the Albano gang and the securing of evidence against another member of the gang.  On August 18, 1938 , the grand jury returned indictments against 14 of these individuals, 12 of whom either were convicted or pleaded guilty, and received sentences ranging from 17 months to 3 years.  Two of the defendants have not been apprehended.  --  After having made purchases of marihuana cigarettes from all four members of a ring of marihuana traffickers during the period from May 10 to July 7, 1938 , narcotic officers arrested Russel Saia, Anthony Cangimilla, and Ralph LaCoste.  Saia and Canogimilla were tried, convicted, and each sentenced to 30 months in the penitentiary.  LaCoste pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 17 months.  Roy Saia, the fourth member of the ring, is under indictment but has not yet been apprehended.



== NEW YORK ==

[incident ]- Arthur Friedman, twenty-one, was one of five youths charged with the fatal shooting of Detective Michael J. Foley in a restaurant holdup.  On April 7, 1938 , Much journeyed down from temple and repeated his fantastic story, this time for the Big Apple jurors.



[incident]- In another major marihuana case Henley SELLERS and Neil SCHAU were arrested in New York , N. Y., in July 1944 and charged with importation and possession of 47 pounds (21 kilograms, 351 grams) of marihuana.  These men, with John W. SIMMONS of Texarkana , Tex. , had smuggled the marihuana into the United States from Mexico .


Barren Island , Brooklyn.-On September 2, 1936 , police uprooted a large number of marihuana plants growing on a 5-acre field on which milk goats belonging to squatters in the vicinity were grazing..  The members of the New York narcotic squad in charge of workers from the department of health destroyed the plants which appeared to thrive on the sandy soil.  This was said to have been the largest area, of the growing plant ever found in Brooklyn .  On the same date there were destroyed by local officers 35 pounds of the dried plant which had been found in a vacant building in Brooklyn .


[incident]- On September 20, 1939, customs officers at New York City found concealed on the person of Eustico Rios, Puerto Rican seaman on the steamship Monterey, coming from Veracruz, via Havana, one cheese cloth sack holding 255.6 gm., net, of marihuana.  Rios refused to divulge the source of the marihuana.  On November 13, 1939 , Rios was sentenced to serve 1 year and 1 day in prison.


[incident]- Three seizures of marihuana were made by customs officers at New York City on the steamship Mexico , coming from Veracruz , via Havana .  The first seizure, on May 9, 1939 , consisted of two packages of marihuana, weighing 452 gm., net.  Ownership was not established.  The second seizure, on July 11, 1939 , was one package of marihuana, weighing 4 gm., net, with ownership undetermined, while the third seizure was two bags of marihuana, weighing 1 kg. 327 gm., net, on August 22, 1939 , with ownership not ascertained.


[incident]- A seizure of 1 kg. 816 gm., net, of marihuana, was made by customs officers at New York City on April 2, 1939 , on the steamship Orizaba , coming from Progreso , Veracruz , and Havana .  Ownership of the marihuana was not determined.


[incident]- On Oct. 3, 1939 , customs officers at New York found one package of marihuana, weighing 2 gm., net, concealed under a coil of rope on the steamship Santa Paula , arrived in port from Curacao , Netherlands West Indies .  On October 4, they found five glazed paper packages, containing 5 gm., net, of prepared opium, and two metal "toys," containing 8 gin., net, of prepared opium, concealed in spice tins in the main galley of the vessel.  The first cook of the ship, So You, admitted ownership of the opium; claiming he drank a solution made from the opium; further, that he had purchased the opium in Curacao , Netherlands West Indies .  He was subsequently released.  Ownership of the marihuana was not established.  This case was called to the attention of the Netherlands authorities.


[incident]- Customs officers at New York City on October 11, 1939, arrested Jose Rodriguez, Puerto Rican fireman on the steamship Santa Elena, coming from La Guayra, Puerto Cabello, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Colon, and Curagao, when he attempted to bring ashore 7 marihuana cigarettes.  A search of the vessel resulted in the seizure of 65 additional marihuana cigarettes.  Rodriguez stated he had purchased 10 marihuana cigarettes in a saloon in Panama .


[incident]- On Aug. 22 and 23, 1939, customs officers at New York City found 291 gm., net, of marihuana concealed on the steamship Santa Paula, arrived in port from Curacao, Netherlands West Indies.  A member of the crew of the ship, Inocencio Rodriguez, was subsequently sentenced to imprisonment for 1 month in connection with this seizure.


[incident]- On Sept. 6, 1939 , Customs officers at New York City found 1 ½ marihuana cigarettes, weighing 0.88 gm., net, in the possession of Pedro Velazquez, member of the crew of the steamship Santa Rosa .  Velazquez stated he had purchased the cigarettes in Puerto Cabello , Venezuela .  He was not prosecuted.


[incident]- On April 11, 1939 , customs officers at New York City , during a routine search of the steamship Exiria, just arrived in port from Tunis , via Piraeus , Salonika , Istanbul , Constanta , Gibraltar and Lisbon , found concealed thereon three packages, containing 911 gm., net, of hashish (cannabis).  This hashish was in the form generally encountered in the Near East , consisting of reddish colored powder which had been steamed or moistened in sacks and allowed to dry, forming a hard dry brick-like substance.  Investigation disclosed a wiper on the ship, Nicholas Voupoukos, to be the owner of the hashish, but this Greek seaman had signed off the ship that morning.  He was finally apprehended in New York City on April 17, 1939 .  In the meantime, an anonymous letter was received by customs officers, stating that Nicholas Voupoukos had brought some hashish into the United States .  When Voupoukos was questioned on April 17, he admitted having purchased the hashish at Istanbul from an unnamed Turkish citizen.  When informed concerning the anonymous letter, he stated this must have been written by Socrates Argyros, a New York resident, from whom he had previously purchased marihuana cigarettes on several occasions.  This information was given to Now York narcotic agents, who proceeded to the premises occupied by Argyros and arrested this person.  A search of his residence disclosed the presence of 541 marihuana cigarettes, weighing approximately 254 gm., net, and 401 gm., net, of bulk marihuana.  The marihuana in this second seizure consisted of the dried, flowering tops and leaves of the cannabis plant, in the form most frequently encountered in the United States .  On May 17, 1939 , Argyros was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, and ordered placed on parole for 3 years after serving this sentence.  On June 20, 1939 , Nicholas Voupoukos received sentence of 1 year and 1 day.


[incident]- NEW YORK , N. Y.  -  On September 27, 1938 , customs officers at New York City discovered five bags containing I kg. 765 gm., net, of marihuana concealed on the steamship Orizaba coming from Veracruz .  Enrique Almestica, fireman on the vessel, was arrested and was subsequently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.


[incident]- New York A second marihuana seizure, amounting to 1 kg. 644 gm., was made on the steamship Orizaba by customs officers at New York City on October 19, 1938 .  The case is still pending.


[incident]- On December 28, 1938, a customs guard at New York found in a ventilator in the steward's washroom of the steamship Brazil, coming from Buenos Aires, via Santos, Rio de Janeiro, and Trinidad, a package of marihuana, weighing 280 gm., net.  Customs agents investigating the seizure were informed by certain crew members of the vessel that the marihuana belonged to Miguel Aponte, steward.  A search of this person revealed one marihuana cigarette.  Another marihuana cigarette was found in his looker.  The prisoner stated that he was a marihuana smoker and that the cigarettes were for his own use.  However, he claimed that he knew nothing about the marihuana found in the ventilator, nor would he divulge its origin.  The defendant is being held for prosecution.


[incident]- 1938 NEW YORK , N. Y.  Among important cases developed during the year concerning interstate distribution was that against one Jose Samaniego and others.  The principals were residents of New York City .  They learned that large supplies of marihuana were available in southern Minnesota and sent to that territory.  Marihuana prepared for smoking was subsequently shipped from Minnesota to New York and to Chicago , ILL. , where it was distributed in the illicit traffic.  Records obtained in the investigation indicated that approximately 294 kg. 835 gm. of marihuana prepared for smoking had been distributed in New York by this organization.  As a result of the investigation, two persons were convicted in Minnesota , two in Chicago , and six were convicted at New York City .


[incident]- 1948  New York   -  M  36  Puerto Rican choked and stabbed Mrs. V. Lotito, while under influence marihuana. A frequent   user, he was married without his knowledge while under influence. He was violent, desperate criminal and habitual user.


[incident]- 1937    New York   -  M  39  While both smoking marihuana cigarettes, shot and killed room-mate G. Senical, who wanted to borrow $20 to buy heroin. Put body in trunk, to get rid of it. Arrested that night, had 20 marihuana cigarettes; had been selling in Miami restaurant before crime.  Previous criminal record, " I was fearless after smoking marihuana cigarettes but would not have   done this without marihuana."





[incident]- In October 1943 in Detroit, Mich., Prison sentence given for claiming use of marihuana to evade military service Gad Sam Holland was sentenced in Federal Court to 5 years' imprisonment on a charge of attempting to evade induction into the Armed Services by smoking marihuana cigarettes to make him physically unfit before appearing for his examination, and by giving false statements that he was addicted to the use of marihuana.  -   After Holland was rejected by his Selective Service Board because he informed them of his use of marihuana, narcotic agents investigated his case which resulted in the conviction.


[incident]- March 1952, four youths, the youngest sixteen, robbed and murdered a filling station attendant at Detroit , Mich.   When three of the youths were later arrested at Kirkwood , Mo. , 23 marihuana cigarettes were found in their possession.  They admitted having smoked marihuana just prior to committing this atrocious crime. During the trial for murder in December 1952, a defense effort was made to show that they should not be found guilty because they were so strongly under the influence of marihuana that they didn't know what they were doing.  The jury refused to accept this as a defense found them all guilty of murder in the first degree. 


[incident]- MICHIGAN   -  Detroit.- On September 17 1936 , 2,500 pounds of marihuana found growing in the backyards of various houses were confiscated under the Michigan State narcotic law.  The marihuana was burned on an order from the prosecuting attorney of Flint County . 


[incident]- DETROIT , MICH.   -  Between July 15 and August 9, 1937 , the Detroit Police Department destroyed several tons of marihuana found growing partly wild and partly under cultivation in various vacant lots and back yards in the city of Detroit , the amounts in the several plots ranging from 20 to 3,360 pounds.


[incident]- CHELSEA , MICH.   -  On August 26, 1937 , a narcotic officer and State officers destroyed approximately 25,000 marihuana plants from 6 to 12 feet in height growing on a farm near Chelsea .  Mich.   There was no evidence that any of the tenants of the farm recognized the weed until a guest identified it as marihuana.  From the appearance of the patches the marihuana had evidently been planted by a former tenant.


[incident]- GRAND RAPIDS , MICH.   -  On September 23, 1937 , narcotic and police officers destroyed about 2,000 marihuana plants growing, on a vacant lot.  It was alleged that a person whose name was unknown was obtaining the drug from this lot and selling cigarettes, but since the lot was being used as a playground by children of the neighborhood it was deemed advisable to destroy the plants immediately rather than leave them and attempt to apprehend the person responsible for their growth.


[incident]- 1937  -  M and 6 others, M. and F., age 21-23, arrested Detroit , Michigan for rape, theft, grand larceny. 






[incident]- In Dallas , Tex. , on Dec.15, 1940, Johnny Andrew Butler, 21, who had just completed a prison sentence for violations of the Federal marihuana law, and Molly Suger, 38, were charged with the slaying of Mrs. Rose Suger, her mother-in-law.  Mrs. Suger was shot to death at her home in Dallas on July 2, 1945 , by a person who fired a pistol bullet through a window in her home.  Butler is alleged to have admitted firing the shot, and said he was hired by Molly Suger to kill her mother-in-law for about $500.  The murder case is pending.  In 1941 Butler was convicted for violations of the Federal marihuana law and sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment.  He was again arrested on similar charges in 1943, and sentenced on January 26, 1944 , to 6 months and placed on 3 years' probation.  Probation was revoked on August 8, 1944 , and unconditional sentence of 6 months imposed.


On Nov. 9, 1939, customs inspectors at El Paso, Tex., searched the person of R. A. Redmond, American, when he entered the United States from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, seizing several marihuana cigarettes.  Redmond recovered 1 cigarettes and swallowed them, together with the paper covering.  The inspectors regained one cigarette, but not until they had been attacked by Redmond .  Redmond stated he had been smoking marihuana for approximately 8 months.  The circumstances illustrate the effect that the marihuana had upon him, as it is reported that he possessed almost superhuman strength, it requiring the combined efforts of two officers to subdue him.  Redmond is being held for prosecution.  Mexican authorities were informed of this seizure.


[incident]- On July 13, 1941, one Apodaca, allegedly under the influence of marihuana and while drinking at the bar of a cafe in El Paso, Tex., suddenly went berserk, took a knife from his pocket and started cutting the man standing next to him.  This man seized the knife while his assailant attempted to cut two other persons.  Apodaca was in possession of two marihuana cigarettes at the time he committed these crimes.  He pleaded guilty and was sentenced on October 24, 1941 , to serve 4 months in a correctional institution, and sentence was suspended for 1 year.


The following additional marihuana seizures were effected at points on or near the Mexican border:  -  

April 8, 1939 , Hidalgo , Tex. , I kg. 332 gm., net, of marihuana,. 

May 12, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , 40 gm., not, of marihuana.

July 2, 1939 , Mercedes , Tex. , 71 gm., net, of marihuana.

August 27, 1939 , Pearsall , Tex. , 266 gm., net, of marihuana. 

September 23, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , 12 gm., net, of marihuana. 

September 27, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , fifty marihuana cigarettes, weighing 52 gm., net.

October 12, 1939 ) El Paso , Tex. , nine marihuana cigarettes, weighing 6 gm., net.

October 29, 1939 , Browmville , Tex. , nineteen rolls of marihuana, weighing 62 gm., net.

October 30, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , one sack of marihuana, weighing 311 gm., net.

November 1, 1939 , Brownsville , Tex. , ten marihuana cigarettes, weighing 4 gm., net.

November 7, 1939 , Harlingen , Tex. , fifteen rolls of marihuana, weighing 67 gm., net.

November 22, 1939 , Douglas , Ariz. , twenty-one marihuana cigarettes, weighing 12 gm., net.

November 23, 1939 , Harlingen , Tex. , twelve marihuana cigarettes, weighing 9 gm., net.

November 24, 1939 , Del Rio , Tex. , 22 gm., net, of marihuana. 

November 25, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , 21 gm., net, of marihuana. 

November 28, 1939 , Nogales , Ariz. , twenty-seven marihuana cigarettes, weighing 26 gm., net.

November 28, 1939 , Nogales , Ariz. , three marihuana cigarettes, weighing 0.97 gm., net, and 16 gm., net, of bulk marihuana.

December 8, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , eight marihuana cigarettes, weighing 0.52 gm., net.

December 10, 1939 , Patagonia , Ariz. , one marihuana cigarette, weighing 0.19 gm., net.

December 14, 1939 , El Paso , Tex. , two marihuana cigarettes, weighing 3 gm., net.

December 14, 1939 , Mercedes , Tex. , eight marihuana cigarettes, weighing 0.52 gm., net.

In each of the marihuana cases listed above, the defendants admitted that the marihuana had been obtained in Mexico and smuggled into the United States .  Mexican authorities have been informed of these seizures.



[incident]- On October 3, 1939 , customs patrol officers arrested Juan Guerrero and Alejos Ramirez in possession of bulk marihuana and marihuana cigarettes, weighing 113 gm., net.  They stated that they had purchased the marihuana from Jesus DeLeon of Eagle Pass , Tex. , and they accompanied the officers to Eagle Pass in order to identify this person.  DeLeon was then arrested and approximately 4 kg. 82 gm. of marihuana were seized from him.  He admitted that the marihuana had been smuggled from Mexico .  He was subsequently sentenced to 13 months' imprisonment. 


[incident]-   Dec. 8, 1943 life imprisonment was decreed for Pablo Rodriguez of Laredo , Tex. , when he was convicted of whipping to death his 10-year-old niece, Guadalupe Flores.  She and another niece had been kept in the back yard of the Rodriguez residence in a doghouse-like shack where they were sometimes chained.  When Rodriguez was arrested, marihuana cigarettes were found on his person.  It was the opinion of officials that lie had been a marihuana smoker.


[incident]-   Corpus Christi - An oil worker, of good character smoked a cigarette, raped his six-year old daughter.  When his wife returned home in the evening, she found him lying across the bed in a stupor and the little child torn and bleeding.  He couldn’t remember.  Was sentenced to death. before Jan 1937


[incident]- 1964  Houston , Texas - M  45  Negro shot and killed E. Sampson, Negro, in argument over dice game. Both were marihuana users.


[incident]- 1964  Houston , Texas - M  Negro, stabbed negro A. Grimes, 30, to death; motive unknown; marihuana used.



[incident]-  - DEL Rio , TEXAS .  September 1940.  One Eleutero Gonzales, allegedly while under the influence of marihuana, shot to death two women and then committed suicide by literally slicing himself to bits about the abdomen, around the heart and throat, in a manner which indicated that he was bereft of all reasoning.  Law enforcement officers believed that Gonzales was under the influence of marihuana at the time of the double murder and suicide, and that he had previously used marihuana.  It was the opinion of the doctor who saw Gonzales just before he died that no one could so mutilate himself unless he was unable to feel "shock" and the only thing he knew that would produce such a condition, to such a degree, is marihuana.  Gonzales had wandered around in the fields for hours after the killing and after his self-mutilation.

[incident]- - 1940  Del Rio , Texas - Male  30  Shot and murdered his 34-year old sweetheart, A. Antonia, also M. Gomez, nurse. Then inflicted stab wounds his throat, stomach, intestines, heart, genitalia. He had previously committed rape on 12-year old girl, and was free on bail awaiting new trial.



[incident]-  - 1944   Houston, Texas - F  Slashed Miss M. Jolly, 18, in quarrel - over sales and boys; 3 girls and 6 boys in gang smoked marihuana to get " hopped up " before committing various crimes.


[incident]- 1936  San Antonio , Texas - F  Two young women arrested for possession marihuana violently attacked Officer C. Cullen.


[incident]-  - The only evidence that there might be large-scale, smuggling of cannabis into the United States occurred in the seizure of 220 pounds of the drug at Brownsville, Tex., on July 5, 1935.  Customs officers discovered this illicit shipment concealed in a carload of fresh pineapples which had been shipped to Brownsville from Tampico , Mexico . 


[incident]- 1964  Houston , Texas - M  Stabbed and killed J. Ward, 24, in bar room fight; was marihuana user.


[incident]-  HOUSTON , TEXAS .  March 1937.  Hitch-hiker under the influence of marihuana murdered motorist.




1938  St. Joseph , Missouri   -  M  37  Smoked 2 marihuana cigarettes, then raped his 7-year old daughter.



== WEST VA. ==

[Incident]- Negro raped a girl eight years of age.  Two Negros took a girl fourteen years old and kept her for two days in a hut under the influence of marihuana.  Upon recovery she was found to be suffering from syphilis.  Before Jan 1937


1937   Clarksburg , West Virginia   -  M  26  Negro arrested charge raping 9-year old girl. True bill by Grand Jury.  -  CLARKSBURG W. VA.  October 1937.  Lewis Harris, 26 years of age, at arrested for rape of 9-year-old girl while under the influence of marihuana.


[incident]- EVERETTVILLE, W. VA.  - 1937 -  Acting on information that Pete Lopez, alias Mexican Pete, was growing and selling marihuana in Everettville, W. Va., narcotic officers assisted by local officers made four purchases totaling 7 ounces 309 grains of marihuana from him and from a colored woman, Lucy Vaughn, then arrested Lopez and upon searching his house found and seized 15 pounds 8 ounces 120 grains of marihuana.  It was found that he was growing the marihuana in a corn field near his cabin and 345 stalks, bare of leaves and seeds, were cut and burned.  -  Lopez, 37 years old, claimed to have smoked marihuana since he was about 10 years old.  Investigation disclosed that he was engaged in illicit traffic in marihuana on a large scale solely for monetary gain.  He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 10 years in a Federal, prison.  Lucy Vaughn was sentenced to 1 year in a county jail.


1953  Bluefield , West Virginia

M  40  Attempted armed robbery Mrs. H. Poole; after seeing newspaper account, vaguely remembered it.



== OREGON ==


1960  Portland, Oregon -  M  19  Raped 16-year old high school girl; beat, broke jaw, knocked out upper teeth, in wooded area after beatnick party.



Chattanooga News: == TENNESSEE ==

[incident ]- (Conducted a publicity drive against Marihuana abuse) -<'37






[incident ]- Cleveland news - Editorial (exact date unknown) 1952


[incident]- 1937  Cleveland , Ohio   -   M  With R. B. robbery and assault; guilty.



[incident]- 1937  Ohio   -  A gang of seven young men, all under 20 years of age, who for more than 2 months terrorized central Ohio with a series of about 38 stick-ups, were arrested in Columbus , Ohio , on robbery charges.  They confessed that they operated while "high" on marihuana.  One of the youths admitted that he had smoked "reefers" on and off for at least 2 years, and said that when he went with the others on stick-ups he was "ready to tear anybody apart" who opposed him.  He claimed the practice of smoking marihuana first started among his friends about 4 or 5 years previously, while most of them were still in high school.  In describing his crimes he said: "If I had killed somebody on a job, I'd never have known it." This was verified by the officer obtaining the confessions, who explained that the hardest problem was to get these youths to remember who committed the stick-ups, or when or where they, happened.  When police told them how a filling-station attendant reported a robber threatened to beat his brains out with a revolved butt, one admitted he was the robber, but had forgotten his own words.  It was almost impossible for them to break off the habit when they could still get "tea" so easily, they claimed.  "When you try to break off you get jumpy, your hands shake, and you hear the least little noise.  A dopey feeling comes when you're going down, and you get mopey.  You get so you smoke a 'stick' a day, and you can't stop.  -   [incident ]- A gang of seven young men, all under 20 years of age, who for more than two months terrorized central Ohio with a series of about thirty-eight stick-ups, were arrested in March 1937 in Columbus , Ohio , on robbery charges.  They confessed that they operated while “high” on Marihuana.  Could be 1936 -


[incident]- Columbus - Ohio    -  Police in Columbus , Ohio were called upon to investigate a disturbance on a public street, where a young man, Howard Horn, was menacing citizens with a pistol.  The officer, while attempting to subdue Horn, was attacked by him and wounded three times.  He was obliged to return the fire to save his own life 7 and Horn was killed instantly.  Investigation by the vice squad showed that Horn, who was 19 years of age, was a marihuana addict and at the time of his attack on the officer was under the influence of this narcotic.


[incident]- 1957  Cincinnati, Ohio  -  M  28  Negro waiter, with C. J. 30; S. R. and G. G. all smoked marihuana cigarettes over 2 years; 5 counts armed robbery Cincinnati grocery stores. 


[incident]- 1937  Ohio   --  M  First degree murder, blamed on smoking marihuana. 




[incident]- COLUMBUS , 0hio. October 1936.  A young man was sentenced to the electric chair for the robbing and unprovoked killing of a hotel clerk.  He maintained that he was a marihuana addict and was under the influence of the drug when he committed the crimes.  The judge of the Court in which he was tried refused to accept this plea as an extenuating circumstance and served notice on smokers' of marihuana cigarettes that they cannot escape punishment for crimes committed while under the influence of this narcotic.  -  [incident]- 1936 - In Columbus , Ohio , a 35-year-old man was sentenced to the electric chair for robbery and first-degree murder of a hotel clerk.  His plea of not guilty was based on insanity due to smoking marihuana cigarettes and the fact that he was under the influence of marihuana when the crime was committed. -----------

  In Columbus , last October, the killer of a hotel clerk blamed his deed on insanity resulting from the use of the weed.  - March 1, 1937 - 4:2 - Cincinnati Enquirer

------------------.  Last week the Ohio Supreme Court affirmed the death sentence imposed upon a man convicted of having committed murder while under the influence of marijuana. Oct. 18, 1937 - - Cincinnati Enquirer



[incident]- 1949  Cleveland , Ohio   -  M  Negro, long criminal record Kentucky , narcotics and manslaughter, murdered barracks mate J. MacElroth at marihuana-cocaine party.


[incident]- Sept.18, 1935, State enforcement officers arrested Teofilo Chavez. Fred Chavez, Frank Chavez, Marjorie Chavez, Emmez Guzman, and Joe Garza at a farm near Cooney , Ohio , and approximately 3 acres of cannabis were seized and destroyed.  Eighty-five pounds of cannabis ready for smoking, 300 pounds (gross weight) of the flowering tops, and 75 pounds of cannabis seeds were seized.  While investigating the above-mentioned case, the officers learned that one Sylvestro Gonzales was growing and cultivating cannabis on a farm near Fremont , Ohio .  There they discovered a field of cannabis surrounded by growing corn.  Part of the field had already been cut for the purpose of curing.  The officers seized and destroyed 2 acres of growing plants, 3 tons of cannabis racked for curing, and 16 bushels of flowering tops from which the resin had not yet been extracted.


[incident]- Sept. 17, 19, and 20, and October 2, 1935, State officers arrested Pedro Mandez, Pedro Nieto, Salvador Capetilla, Harry Horlendez and Rafael Tolento at Elgin, Paulding, and Fremont, Ohio, and seized approximately 2,500 pounds of growing cannabis and 810 pounds of cured tops.


[incident]- Oct. 1 and 10, 1935, Toledo police officers searched the premises occupied by Louis Gonzales and Antonio Navarro and found approximately 740 pounds of cannabis concealed therein.  Both persons were arrested.  On October 10, 1935 , police made a further search of the premises and discovered 200 pounds of cannabis concealed beneath the floor boards.  The defendants were each sentenced to I year in prison.


[incident]- Oct. 18, 1935 , police officers at Lorain , Ohio , arrested Florentino Garcia and Jesus Fierro and seized two truck loads of cannabis plants, stalks, and leaves, weighing approximately 1 1/2 tons, net.  The defendants were committed to the county jail until fines.


[incident]- 1936 Police in Columbus , Ohio were called upon to investigate a disturbance on a public street, where a young man, Howard Horn, was menacing citizens with a pistol.  The officer, while attempting to subdue Horn, was attacked by him and wounded three times.  He was obliged to return the fire to save his own life 7 and Horn was killed instantly.  Investigation by the vice squad showed that Horn, who was 19 years of age, was a marihuana addict and at the time of his attack on the officer was under the influence of this narcotic.




[incident]- 1936 After a 15-year-old boy was found mentally deranged from smoking marihuana cigarettes be furnished information that led to the arrest of three men who admitted making sales of the cigarettes.  Fifteen to eighteen pounds of marihuana were seized from their garage.  At the time officers stated that there were 20 known addicts of high school age, in the Ohio town.  The men arrested allegedly told the officer that they had become alarmed several months previous to their arrest when the youths appeared abnormal and began annoying them for heavier supplies.  The apprehension of this gang cleared up a serious situation. ----------

In one town of the state, according to the International Narcotic Education Association, the finding of a fifteen-year-old boy mentally deranged from smoking marijuana led to the discovery that 20 boys and girls of high school age were addicts. - March 1, 1937 - 4:2 - Cincinnati Enquirer

-- See Aug. 20, 1936 - 28:3 - 3 Men Accused of Selling Doped Cigarets to Children -- Findlay Police Chief Says He Has Names of 15 Boys and Girls Who Are Addicts; Trio of WPA Employes Arrested.  Toledo Blade:

[incident ]- Finley Ohio, “This took place in a community playground in Finley , Ohio .  The playground supervisors were the men who were selling the stuff.  It all developed from the case of this youngster who was evidently going crazy.  before Jan 14, 1937




[incident]- COLUMBUS , OHIO   -  On April 24, 1938 , William Bronston was observed by narcotic and police officers as he was about to make a sale of marihuana from his automobile parked at the rear of 387 Charles Street , Columbus .  Seeing the officers he leaped from the car, ran down the alley and escaped.  The marihuana concealed in his car, consisting of about 227 gm. was seized.  Officers entered the premises and arrested Thomas Claridy who was in possession of marihuana cigarettes.  William Bronston was subsequently arrested after a hard fight and gun battle, he being under the influence of marihuana at the time.  He was tried and convicted on June 7, 1938 , and received a sentence of 5 years and $1,000 fine.


[incident]- June 30, 1948 at Cleveland , Ohio , James Buchanan was arrested by police of that city for the murder of a 60-year-old East Cleveland widow.  After questioning by Police detectives he admitted his participation in the crime and also accused an accomplice.  Buchanan admitted having participated, during the previous 6 montlis7 in the brutal attack of 16 women for the purpose of robbing them of their money.  He stated further he wanted the money to buy wine and reefers (marihuana cigarettes) which he would consume at the same time.  Before venturing out to commit their atrocious crimes, Buchanan and his partner would fortify themselves with wine and marihuana.  Buchanan was 24 years of age at the time of his arrest, married and the father of three children.


[incident]- OHIO .  April 1937.  Henry Barnes, on the witness stand for first degree murder, testified that before he and a companion killed a man in a holdup, the pair had smoked three marihuana cigarettes each, and therefore did not know what they were doing.  They were both sentenced to life imprisonment.


[incident]- OHIO .  Investigating a disturbance in a cafe in a southern Ohio city, police officers saw Anthony E. pointing a loaded revolver at patrons.  E. resisted arrest, and after a severe struggle the officers subdued him.  Earlier, E., with the use of his revolver, had robbed Abe L., driver for the W. Bakery Co., of $5.00. At the time of the arrest, the defendant was completely under the influence of marihuana and a quantity of marihuana was found in his possession.






STATE HIGHWAYS,.  Iowa   -  Between August 1 and August. 17, 1937, the Iowa Highway Commission destroyed approximately 1,000 acres of marihuana growing wild along highways in the State.



Oklahoma -


[incident]- While allegedly under the influence of marihuana, 27-year-old Carl J. Murphy, hotel bellboy, on Sept. 30, 1943 , shot and killed J. Stayton Smith, guard in the Federal Building at Oklahoma City , Okla.   He was convicted for the crime and sentenced to serve 10 years.  ---Another bellboy who was arrested in the case confessed that he and Murphy had smoked marihuana in a hotel room before the crime was committed.  Murphy then left the hotel and walked to the Federal Building .  On the street he met three sailors, one of whom he bit on the neck.  He struck a small boy whom he met on the sidewalk.  Murphy then went to the Federal Building and took charge of an Army Recruiting Office.  When Mr. Smith, the building guard, was called to remove Murphy, a fight ensued.  Murphy seized a gun from the guard and shot and killed him instantly.  Murphy then placed the gun on a chair and walked down the hall singing.  He engaged in another fight but was finally subdued and placed in the city jail.  Two days later Murphy was still unable to think or talk coherently.  He talked about trying to get on the top of an automobile where he could reach a telephone wire and swing himself to the top of the hotel and from there he could get to heaven.  Later, at a hearing, Murphy stated that he had smoked marihuana several times; that he did not remember leaving the hotel, nor the fights nor the shooting of Mr. Smith; he did not remember his arraignment and stated the first he knew about the matter was after he came out of the stupor when someone told him he had shot and killed a guard at the Federal Building.   -   Murphy's employers stated he had always been quiet and sober, and had never caused trouble of any kind.  -   The effects he experienced are characteristic, particularly with regard to the distortion of space and lack of restraint or memory by individuals of their own actions while under the influence of marihuana.


1937  Oklahoma City , Oklahoma   -  M  Smoked marihuana 12 years. Arrested for raping his 13-year old daughter. Previous criminal record- assault with knife; sale marihuana; assault with knife; vagrancy.



 [incident]- On March 21, 1939 , customs officers at Norfolk , Va. , when searching the steamship Black Condor, arrived in port from Philadelphia Chester, Rotterdam , Antwerp , New York , and Baltimore , found tobacco tin, containing 32 gm., net, of marihuana concealed in a rope locker.


[incident]- After the steamship New Brooklyn arrived at Norfolk , Va. , on August 14, 1939 , from Freetown , West Africa , there were seized 56.8 gm. of marihuana.  At Brooklyn , N. Y., customs officers had found four packages of marihuana, weighing 64 gm., net, concealed on the person of John Boe Walley, negro crew member of the vessel.  Walley stated he had purchased the marihuana in Freetown from an unnamed woman, paying 2 pence for each package.  On Sept. 25, 1939 , Walley was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.




[incident]- MEMPHIS , TENN.   On Oct. 4, 1938 , police officers of Memphis , Tenn. , received information that Joe Lang, Orlando Hodge, and Mary Jones were planning to rob Mary Jones' aunt and with the proceeds therefrom to proceed to Chicago for the purpose of selling marihuana.  They were arrested on the same date and 411 gm. of marihuana and 147 marihuana cigarettes were seized.  They admitted that they had procured the marihuana on a plantation in Mississippi about 50 miles from Memphis , and divided it, and they had planned after committing the robbery to take the marihuana to Chicago and sell it.  On October 14, 1938 , all three pleaded guilty.  Hodge and Lang each received a sentence of 3 years and $1,000 fine, both having previous criminal records.  Mary Jones was placed on probation for 3 years.



[incident]- NEWPORT , KY.   On Feb. 24, 1938 , police officers of Newport , Ky. , arrested Ralph Bridowell for the possession of stolen property.  While searching his premises they found a total of 8 kg. 306 gm. of marihuana, to which he acknowledged ownership and claimed to have purchased it from a man whose name he did not know.  On February 25, 1938 , his brother, Harry Bridewell, was arrested for the sale of marihuana cigarettes.  Both pleaded guilty and each was sentenced to serve a term of 5 years in the Penitentiary.  Each had previously served a penitentiary term for violations of the liquor laws.



Washington State :    

[incident]- Seattle.-Charles Banks was arrested on August 30, 1936 , by narcotic officers and local detectives on charges of violation of the State narcotic law after selling 6 ounces of marihuana to an informer.  This defendant claimed that he had been buying regularly from a man whose name or address he was unable to furnish the police.  He was arraigned on September 23, 1936 , pleaded guilty, and was sentenced on the same day to 10 years in the penitentiary.


[incident]- 1939  Seattle, Washington  -  M  26  Negro, crazed by smoking marihuana, attacked a Greek railroad pensioner, J. Karakinikas, 74, with his bare fists; death. Plea guilty. Smoked 2 marihuana cigarettes at time.


[incident]- SPOKANE , WASHINGTON .  August 1940.  Joseph Mines, shortly after having smoked two marihuana cigarettes, brutally murdered a 74-year-old retired railroad worker.  According to testimony brought out at his trial for manslaughter, Mines had never before seen his victim and could assign no reason for having murdered him other than that following the smoking of the marihuana cigarettes he had become obsessed with an idea that he was being pursued and upon encountering the aged man he attacked and killed him.  Mines was sentenced in October 1940 to serve 20 years in the Washington State Penitentiary.


[incident]- Marihuana Found in Death Car  -  Thirty-four grains of marihuana were found in an automobile driven by John B. Payne, 19, when it collided with another car in northeast Washington on Sept. 23, 1945 , resulting in the death of one woman and the injury of eight other persons.  Evidence was presented to the coroner's jury that Payne had been associated with known marihuana traffickers and users.  Under cross examination he admitted telling doctors at an Army induction examination that he had used as many as three marihuana cigarettes a day.  Payne and the driver of the other car were fined $250 after pleading guilty in municipal court to charges of reckless driving.


[incident]- 1960  Seattle, Washington  -  M  Negro killed wife, then committed suicide. 76 more marihuana cigarettes found in his service station.



?   --  M  With another Negro, M. G. arrested after committing 7 robberies under influence marihuana.


1921  --  M  30  Beat to death with a rock T. Bernhardt, boy, 14, while herding cattle in pasture; accused boy of pollut           ing his water supply.  Boy's head crushed, one eye gouged out, and missing. Arrested several hours later, he screamed and tore jail furnishings. Smoking marihuana at time; claimed insane; found to be sane. Hanged


1936    -  M  Charged with murder; offered defense he was under influence marihuana at time.


1936    -  M  Raped 10-year old girl, previous arrest for possession marihuana.


1937  --  M  Assaulted police officers with dangerous weapon while under influence of marihuana.


1938  -  F  28  Prostitute stabbed Mrs. M. O'Shannon for not cooperating Lesbian activities.


1938  -  M  22  After smoking 2 marihuana cigarettes, married waitress, altho already married and with 3-year old      child. Everything went blank, and he had no control.


1939  -  M  40  Raped G. Raloff, while under influence marihuana and bay nun and threatened to kill her children with knife.


1939  -  M  Teenage, attempted rape G. Raloff under influence marihuana and bay rum.


1939  -  M  Threw glass at bartender while smoking marihuana just bought from peddler. Arrested


1939  -  M 39  Assaulted and shot another man in controversy while both smoking marihuana.


1940  -  M  33  Forced his landlady, Mrs. M. delisle to smoke marihuana, and frequently raped her.


1940  -  M  21  Auto theft, after 9 thefts with armed robbery; robbed and shot druggist.


1940  -  M  Stole gun from employer, held up, shot salesman stomach for not following instructions; attempted rape clerk; stole $75; Police tracked him down, so he 'shot himself.


1944  -  M  39  Murdered Ga. Castenada, 29; mutilated her hips and head with razor blades, then castrated self; had been smoking marihuana for an hour before attack.



Much effort has been expended during the year on preventive educational work, particularly regarding the abuse of marihuana.  In regard to education of. this type, it is felt that if the material is not very carefully worked out there might be grave danger of creating curiosity among the youth which would have a tendency to be harmful rather than beneficial; in fact, it is thought that marihuana educational talks should be confined to adults, who in turn can properly inform their own children.


It is considered wise to guard against the danger of persons not fully conversant with the question broadcasting lectures and information on narcotic drugs.  Too much stress cannot be laid on the importance of obtaining the cooperation of persons who can speak with authority on the subject, and in such manner that no element of curiosity or desire to experiment could possibly be aroused in the minds of listeners as to the nonmedical use of drugs.  The public response has evidenced appreciation and support of this trend, and great assistance has been rendered by various women's organizations, particularly by the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union, the General Federation of Women's Clubs, and the numerous parent-teacher organizations throughout the country in the widespread dissemination of educational material on illicit use of narcotic drugs.


There has been increased demand for speakers and for written information on the narcotic and marihuana problems, manifesting an active desire on the part of many worthy civic organizations and citizens to be of assistance.


Over 150 addresses were delivered, on request, by various supervisory officials of the Bureau to organizations throughout the country such as the various medical associations, various police schools and State police training schools, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, the American Legion, various churches, hospital groups, and lodges, Kiwanis, Rotary, and other clubs, colleges of pharmacy and science, parent-teacher associations, Associations of University Women, Peace Officers' Training Schools, Peace Officers Associations, and other interested groups.


The Commissioner of Narcotics personally fulfilled a number of lecture engagements before national groups on the narcotic problem.  As of interest, there is quoted below the text of an address before the Eighth Annual Forum on Current Problem Facing America, held under the auspices of the New York Herald-Tribune in New York City during October 1938:  --  The speech by Honorable H. J. Anslinger, Federal Commissioner of Narcotics, on



?     M  Smoked his first 2 marihuana cigarettes; jumped 18 feet from hotel window onto adjacent garage roof barefooted, burst into Mr. K.'s room, said " God told me to kill this man ", and beat him to death with fists. Then screaming he was Hitler, jumped thru window 30 feet to pavement, breaking ribs and legs. No recollection in court


1948  -  M  Murdered widow, 60 years old, with accomplice, to obtain money to buy more marihuana for both; confessed attacking and robbing 16 other women.


1948  -  M Negro, smoked marihuana before going out to commit various crimes including murder Mrs. I. Koogle. " Poor man's poison. "


1950  -  M  Robbed A. Litz in Weinberg Bakery of $5; resisted arrest; possession marihuana.


1953  -  M  Negro, shot and killed while attempting holdup grocer in Harlem ; plea guilty.


1953   -  M  First violator Marihuana Tax Act for illegal possession, penitentiary W. Va. 10 years; released; felonious attack with hatchet.


1953  -  M  Attempted robbery diner; has 16 marihuana cigarettes plus one butt; admitted being confirmed user.




Sacramento , - (From mag.  Dated may 1934)

From Sacramento , California , comes the story of a 20-year-old-girt mother who sobbed out to police a tragic story of how her husband, crazed with narcotics, forced her to help him in a career of crime.  The girl, a former nurse, is Mrs. Ruth Sorahan, an attractive wisp of a blonde, who was arrested as she stepped from a train in Sacramento last month.  Her husband is Philip Sorahan under arrest in San Jose for a series of burglaries which, according to Mrs. Sorahan, encompassed the entire San Francisco Bay region.  The girl sobbed:  "Philip was a good husband until he started to use marihuana.  We were happily married, and both looked forward eagerly to the birth of our first child.  -- "Then some one got him smoking marihuana.  Over night he changed.  From then on he seemed like a stranger.  He lost his job, and when our savings ran out, he started to steal to get more money to buy the dope."   --  Her story, punctuated by wracking sobs, told how Philip was alternately hysterically gay and inhumanly cruel.  She continued:  "He would beat me until I fainted from pain.  He threatened to kill me if I didn't help him dispose of the things he stole.  In fear of my life, I would take them to a pawn shop.  Philip would go into insane rages when I failed to get what he thought was a good price for the things."



Philadelphia - (From mag.  Dated may 1934)

From Philadelphia recently the papers reported the following story:

An alleged "hop joint," fitted out with cheap bunks wherein addicts could lie and hide their troubles behind clouds of marihuana smoke was uncovered recently by Captain Kronbar and a squad of men when they raided a place on juniper street, below Lombard.

Approximately $10,000 worth of marihuana was seized and two women and two men, were arrested.  The seizure of the drug, which was outlawed by Pennsylvania last September, is the largest ever made here.  More than one hundred pounds of marihuana, some of it rolled into cigarettes, some packaged apparently for delivery, still more in the plain weed state, were seized.  Recently a number of arrests were made in Pittsburgh 's "Hill" district, breaking up a ring of marihuana peddlers and addicts.  Three Mexicans and one Negro were arrested in one of the raids and a quantity of marihuana was confiscated.


Reefer Madness book

 - A German firm even marketed cannabis cigarettes for use in combating asthma pg 22

 - Fitz Hugh Ludlow - Tilden and co. 1855 -

 - 1917 Department of Agriculture investigation



The Afro-American -  All-Negro Weekly  around march 14, 1931

  --  --  ---  --  -- 

Note, there seems to be nothing here.  possible only at a military tribunal did the word marihuana come out.  ag


Los Angles Times -

[**]- Ensign Killed by Bandit Pair" - July 10, 1945 page 12 part 2.  Note, a famous story, marihuana is not even mentioned.  not rated.


[incident]- On July 9, 1945 , at Los Angeles , Calif. , two Navy officers, Lt. Herman Haase and Ensign Norman Bicknese, picked up an automobile ride with two 19-year-old boys, Leslie Howard Moore and Alvin Goldson, the latter a soldier.  After the officers entered the automobile, Moore and Goldson attempted to hold them up.  Ensign Bicknese resisted and was shot and killed by Goldson.  A few weeks later Goldson and Moore were apprehended by Los Angeles police officers and it was ascertained that they were the leaders of a gang of six youths preying on servicemen.  In addition to the killing of Ensign Bicknese, another member of the gang admitted the shooting and wounding of Army Lt. Armand Beford in another "hitchhike hold-up" on July 22, 1945.  The self-confessed trigger man of the gang, Edward Priestley, Jr., aged 16, of Los Angeles , after his apprehension told the police he shot Lieutenant Beford at the urging of Leslie Howard Moore, when the Army officer started to run away.   On Nov. 9, 1945 , Leslie Howard Moore appeared before Superior Court Judge Thomas L. Ambrose at Los Angeles , Calif. , and was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and 12 counts of robbery.  He made the following statement in court: "If I had never used marihuana I wouldn't be in this court today."  Asked by the court what effect the, drug had on him, Moore stated it made him, fearless and bold.  When Judge Ambrose questioned him as to how often he indulged in use of the drug, Moore said, "Only when with the group I accompanied on the robberies and the murder." The judge replied, "Mr. Moore, I wish this little sermon on the consequences of using marihuana could be broadcast to the youth of the Nation."  Judge Ambrose also added that so many users do not realize the danger involved.  Alvin Goldson, as a result of the murder of Ensign Bicknese, was tried by a military court martial during August 1945 and was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor.  This man also claimed to be a user of marihuana.


  Harry Anslinger's  Reefer Madness  Personal Gore Files #2


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